5 things you have to do in Jundiaí


We are just a few days from the mundial soccer event that will take place in Brazil, and if you are planning to come to Jundiaí here are 5 things that you HAVE to do in the city — and obviously feel like a real jundiaiense. After all, as our anthem says: Ó terra querida, Jundiaí! [Oh beloved land, Jundiaí!]

Note: people born in Jundiaí are called jundiaienses.

1 – Eat Coxinha de Queijo
coxinha de queijo
It’s a deep-fried dumpling filled with cheese and it exists only in Jundiaí (as far as I know). It’s a totally typical jundiaiense thing and it’s fucking delicious! You can’t find it in another place, and if you do, it’s not the real and awesome Coxinha de Queijo. Ok?

2 – Drink Turbaína (with Coxinha de Queijo)
Such as Coke in America, Turbaína means everything to the jundiaienses. And please, use our accent: Turrrbaína — with a very strong ‘R’ pronunciation. It’s produced in the city since 1932 and it’s a tutti-frutti flavored soda that matches with everything (as the slogan says in portuguese: Turbaína, com tudo combina!). Besides the Coxinha de Queijo, you can try it with Pão com Mortadela (bread with a-kind pig meat sausage) — I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

3 – Go to Polytheama Theatre
Teatro Polytheama
Built in 1911 and restored by the famous architect Lina Bo Bardi, is one of oldest and traditional brazilian theatres. It also was used as military headquarter during the Paulista Revolution of 1932. Here are another four places you must go in Jundiaí’s downtown (in portuguese).

4 – Go to Parque da Cidade
parque da cidade
Parque da Cidade is the biggest natural park in town, it is a great place to spend a few hours with your friends and family. In its over 500.000 square meters (1640420 feets) you can actually rent a bike, walk or just chill in the grass. There are pathways and cycling tracks, a huge lake, aeromodelling and model car racing lanes (on and off road), a japanese garden, a nautical center, sports court and cute capybaras.

5 – Visit Mercadão Vila Arens
Located in one of the most judiaienses neighbourhoods, Mercadão Vila Arens is a historic market opened around 1950 and it’s the right place to buy (almost) everything you need. In the same place you can drink beer and eat Coxinha de Queijo (you definitely should go to Bar do Pedro for the last two options). There’s a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, japanese food items, low-price jewelry, delicious cakes and also beautiful cockatiels, you will certainly find what you need over there. Or not.

Oh, now you are probably thinking that I’m obsessed with Coxinha de Queijo – and yes, you are right. Have a nice stay! ;-)


Um pensamento sobre “5 things you have to do in Jundiaí

  1. Jundiaí tem inúmeros museus, parques, um dos teatros mais antigos e tradicionais do país (além de ser um dos maiores do interior), uma biblioteca pública fantástica, bares e restaurantes ótimos (pesquise no TripAdvisor, vai encontrar mais de 800 opções de alimentação), entre tantas outras coisas. Ainda tem certeza que não tem nada para fazer nada cidade?


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